Get started creating art with these easy tutorials!

Whether you enjoy digital art (Procreate) or traditional art (watercolor and gouache), these tutorials will teach you how to get started. Perfect for beginner artists!

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Watercolor Tutorials

Get easy tips for learning how to paint with watercolor.

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Procreate Tutorials

Learn how to draw on the Procreate app.

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Procreate Brush Tutorials

I love sharing how to create new brushes for the Procreate app.

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Premium Procreate Brushes

Make beautiful art on Procreate with brushes from my Etsy shop.

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Procreate Color Palettes

Get free color palettes to use in the Procreate app.

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About Emy

I’m a self-taught artist who enjoys spending my free time painting and learning everything I can about art.

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Opening an Etsy Shop

Looking to open an Etsy shop to sell your art? Get started with these easy lessons.

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