Procreate Color Palettes

Tips for Making

Creating your own color palettes can save you so much time when creating artwork in Procreate. 

The color palette menu can be accessed by selecting the circle in the top right of the screen. 

Procreate offers many ways to choose colors to create palettes. 

Your preferred version will probably be based on software that you're already familiar with. 

You can also automatically create palettes from photos, the camera, or files on your iPad. 

This camera shot from my desk created a beautiful palette without any effort. 

Limit the number of hues. A limited color palette is easier to work with. 

Things to Consider When Creating Color Palettes

Save time by included pastel and darker versions of the main colors. 

Try to keep the colors to the same saturation level for a cohesive color scheme. 

Add neutrals. 

Don't forget to test your color palettes. Remove colors that are too similar or that you don't like.