Himi Gouache Paint Review

Is it any good?

Himi gouache is an affordable gouache paint.  Is it worth trying? Here's what I love about this set.

This set comes with brushes and a removable mixing palette, plus 24 colors of paint.

A Complete Set

Thick Brush Stroke

Himi gouache is available in pink or mint green cases, which I love. Super cute.

The Packaging

Thick Brush Stroke

This set is so convenient to use!  The jelly gouache is ready to use without opening a ton of tubes. 


Most gouache is pretty expensive and costs several dollars per tube. 

The Price

Thick Brush Stroke

However, no product is perfect. Here are the things I don't like.

Thick Brush Stroke

This paint is student-grade, so there is no information about pigments or light-fastness.  However, this doesn't matter if you're just starting out.

Not Artist Quality

Thick Brush Stroke

The lid is hard to shut and isn't air-tight.  However, the paint still works fine after a year.  The paint has dried out a bit but works fine when you add a bit of water.

The Lid

Thick Brush Stroke

My overall thoughts:

This paint is a great affordable option for people wanting to learn to paint with gouache. 

Thick Brush Stroke