Tips for Installing Procreate Brushes

Procreate is a fun drawing app that is available on the iPad.  

Although Procreate comes with a ton of brushes, it's fun to add new ones to your collection. Learn how to install Procreate brushes. 

You can install brushes as a set or individually. If your iPad is newer, installing brush sets is much quicker. Older iPads may require you to install them individually. 

Download the brushes onto your iPad.  Double-click the brush set.

To Install a Brush Set

1. Locate your brush set. 2. Hold the brush set until a menu appears. 3. Select share. 4. Scroll through the apps and choose ... for more options. 5. Select open in Procreate.

To Install a Brush Set - Alternative

1. Locate your brushes. 2. Click on each brush. 3. It will install the brush in your imported brushes folder at the bottom of the list. 

To Install Individual Brushes

1. Locate the brush that you want to move. 2. Hold the brush with your finger until it starts to wiggle. 3. Drag the brush into the correct folder. (The folder will turn black.)

To Move Brushes to Their Own Folder

I have several brushes and brush sets available to download for free. 

Get Free Brushes to Download