Review of sakura koi watercolor paint

This set comes with:

-sturdy travel case -removable palette -24 colors -brush pen -2 sponges

Although this set is student-grade, the paint is pretty nice. The colors have a lot of pigment and are nice to work with.

-Very affordable -Lightweight and great for travel -The colors are nicely pigemented. -Refills are available!

What I Like About This Paint

-Small pans -Student-grade quality -Colors dry a bit chalky -Plastic palette  -Not a fan of waterbrushes

What I Dislike About This Paint

These paints are pretty fun to use though!

The 24 set contains a  lot of fun colors!

Larger sets are also  available!

If budget is a concern and you're okay with using student-grade paint, this is probably one of the best sets on the market for beginners. As you progress, you will probably want to upgrade your paint set. 

Great for beginners on a budget

my Overall thoughts