Tips for Mixing Black Watercolor

Supplies Needed:

-Watercolor paint -Watercolor brushes -Mixing palette -Watercolor paper

Mixing your own black paint can result in a more interesting look than using flat black.  It can also produce more realistic results.  As shown below, even a black animal has colored undertones. 

Mixing dark colors that are opposite each other produce the best blacks.  Ultramarine blue and burnt sienna produce a beautiful dark gray. 

Mixing perylene green and perylene red results in a warm black. 

Another favorite mixture is indigo and burnt umber. 

It's very important that the colors be dark. This combination of quinacridone gold and a dark purple mixture creates an interesting color, but it's not quite black. 

If you choose to buy black, choose Payne's gray or neutral tint instead. 

When used to darken colors, the results are more interesting with Payne's gray than black. 

The exception to this rule is when using a granulating black like Lunar black.  The results are stunning!