Tips for Creating a Procreate Brush from an Image

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Ways to Use Brushes Created from an Image

Use large images Your image should be black and white Avoid shadows for photos (or be willing to remove the shadows before uploading.)

Tips for Making Images Brushes

1. Upload your image into Procreate. 2. Copy canvas. 3. Start a new brush. 4. Paste the canvas into the shape source.

5. 2-finger tap to invert the image. 6. Click done to accept the changes. 

7. Change the stroke spacing to Max in the stroke properties menu.

8. Change the opacity to 0 in the Apple Pencil setting. 

9. Change the brush max and min size if desired. 10. Toggle on the stamp preview and change the size if needed. 11. Name your brush. 

You can use photos with this process as well, but you will need to edit the photo to remove any shadows. 

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