Procreate Color Picker

The color picker feature is so useful for quickly picking your color.

If your color picker stopped working after an update, here's how to make it work again!


Access the "Prefs" menu in the action panel.

Select "Gesture Controls"

Select "Eyedropper"

Then toggle on the option for the square button + touch.  This will allow you to use the eyedropper function with the square button again. 

A circle with color appears when you touch the square button and a spot on the screen. 


You can also create a palette from the camera, files, or photos. So you could save your image and create a palette from that image. 

Keep in mind that it will also include colors from the pixelated edges. 

You can also detach the color palette to be more handy when creating art.  Just drag the gray bar at the top of the palettes menu to detach your chosen palette.