Procreate Drawing Guides

Tips for Using

Access the drawing guides in the canvas menu. Turn the drawing guides on by moving the toggle. 

Click "Edit Drawing Guide" to change the settings for your guides. 

The 2D grid creates a square grid. You can change the size, opacity, and line thickness, as well as the color. 

The isometric grid can be used to create cityscapes.

Perspectives is great for creating landscapes. 

Symmetry grids are used to mirror your art. What is drawn on one side(s), gets drawn on the other side(s).

Vertical symmetry is used for mirroring your drawing onto the other side.  This is great for drawing something like a butterfly, face, or heart. 

Horizontal works like the vertical option, but on the horizontal axis. 

Quadrant splits the canvas into 4 parts and repeats the drawing onto all 4 parts. 

Radial splits the canvas into 8 parts. 

Rotational symmetry rotates the drawing from the center.