add text in procreate

How to

Adding text to Procreate illustrations is so easy!

You can add text to use as a base for hand lettering.

Or you can add text to an illustration. This is a great way to make posts for social media.

Add Text

Adding text is as simple as clicking the "add text" option in the Actions menu. 

Edit the Text

By default, the text area says "Text." Start typing to change it.  

Move the Text

Drag the text box to move the text.  

Vector vs Raster

If you choose vector, you can change the text. Choosing raster allows you to use Procreate options like Transform and Adjustments. 

Edit the Text Style

Double-tap the text to change the font, style, size, kerning, and more.


You can also change the text to be outlined, underlined, or to be verticle.  

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