Tips for  Painting with Gouache

Supplies Needed:

-Gouache Paint -Paintbrushes -Mixed media paper or watercolor paper -Water -Mixing palette

Gouache is so much fun to paint with. It has the opacity of acrylic paint with the fluidity of watercolor paint. 

Gouache can be used with a lot of water to dilute it with watercolor or it can be used with less water to get a dry texture.  Usually, you want to paint somewhere in the middle for the best coverage. 

Since gouache is opaque, it can be layered over other colors. Light colors may need more than one coat. 

Gouache is water-based so it's possible to reactivate previous layers.  Use light layers to avoid this. 

If the color is too transparent, you can add a bit of white gouache to make it more opaque. 

Once gouache dries, it doesn't bleed. This allows you to paint next to a dry area with ease. 

Dry gouache can be reactivated with water.  It's possible to dry gouache in pans like watercolor. 

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