Easy tips for using himi gouache

Brush cleaner is a must

This gouache is a bit harder to clean out of brushes, so have some brush cleaner on hand. 

Swatch your colors

Gouache looks different in the pans, so it's very important to swatch your colors. 

Gouache dries darker

Since gouache looks darker dry, this is another important reason to swatch your colors. 

Get the right water consistency

You will need to experiment to get the right water consistency.  Without water, the gouache is too dry. Too much water makes the gouache transparent. 

Dried gouache on a palette is still good

just add water to reactivate the paint. 

you can layer colors

Since gouache is opaque, you can layer colors.  However, lighter colors of the Himi gouache may need more than one coat to cover. 

Dried Jelly gouache can be reactivated

If your paint pans dry out, they can still be used.  Add a little bit of water, let it sit and then stir it with a popsicle stick. 

The paint can reactivate previous layers.

Don't overwork the paint

A few more tips for using Himi gouache

keep a wet edge

This will result in a smoother finish. 

blend while wet

To blend, paint the first layer, let it dry for a few minutes, and then add the next layer while the paint is still wet.