11 Tips for Painting Watercolor Galaxies

1. Use Plenty of Water

Your paint needs to be able to move so use plenty of water.

2. Don't Dilute the Colors Too Much

Paint dries lighter so start with a medium tone and build it up from there. 

3. Tape Your Paper Down

This process uses a ton of water so tape your paper to avoid buckling.

4. Use the Right Paper

Use watercolor paper that can handle water. 

5. Don't Use Too Many Colors

Using analogous colors will allow the colors to blend better. 

6. Don't Use White Watercolor for Stars

Instead use opaque ink or gouache.

7. Leave Light Areas

Leaving some areas lighter indicates light in the sky. 

8. Avoid Using Straight Black Paint

Instead, use dark colors or even Payne's Gray. This will give your painting more life. 

9. Add Layers

Layers make your painting feel more finished.

10. Avoid Overblending

Let the paint blend on its own with the water. It will create an interesting texture.

11. Don't Paint in Straight Lines

Paint with organic shapes to create a more realistic look.