Easy Watercolor Tutorial: Sunset Painting

-Watercolor paint -Watercolor brushes -Watercolor paper

Supplies Needed:

Tips to Get Started:

-Divide the painting into thirds.  -Work in layers to add interest. -Mistakes can be removed with a paper towel

Paint the horizon line in yellow and blend the color up with clean water.

Add warm red to the top of the sky and blend it down to the yellow paint. 

Use a paper towel to remove a spot in the center for the sun.  Add water if needed. 

Add yellow to the water area, making it smaller as it gets to the bottom of the paper. 

Add another layer to the sky area to intensify the colors. 

Define the sun and blend the edges. 

Add blue to the water area. 

Add red clouds to the sky. 

Add lines to the water and purple spots to the clouds. 

Keep adding details until you're happy with the painting. 

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