watercolor supplies

for Beginners

Supplies for Beginners

When you're learning to paint with watercolors, it can be confusing to know what to buy.  This guide will help you get started. (Affiliate links used.)

I tried to keep this list very affordable. It's possible to spend a small fortune on art supplies. My advice: invest as you go. As your skill grows, treat yourself to nicer paints and brushes. 

Watercolor paint

This travel set is affordable, comes with great colors, and even includes a small brush! (Affiliate link)

Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor brushes hold more water. This set is decent and very affordable.  (Affiliate link)

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paper is thick enough to handle lots of water. Start with a cheap set though so that you feel free to paint a lot.  (Affiliate link)

Water cup

You can use something from the recycling bin if you want. I'm linking my favorite collapsible travel water cup.  (Affiliate link)

other supplies

-Paper towels or old towel -Eyedroppers or spray bottle -Pencils and erasers (I like kneaded erasers the best) -Washi tape (for edges)

Yellow Dots