Easy Watercolor Painting Techniques

Supplies Needed




Watercolor Paint

Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor Paper

Flat Wash

Use a large brush to paint diluted watercolor paint.

Paint with saturated color and add more water as you go.

Gradient Wash

Wet on Wet

Apply paint to water (or wet paint) to let the paint bleed. This creates soft edges.

Wet On Dry

Use wet paint on dry paper. This creates a harder edge.

Thick Brush Stroke

Dry on Dry

Painting with very little water creates a textured effect.


Use water to blend 2 colors.

Thick Brush Stroke


Paint a layer and let it dry. Then add another layer of paint. This is a great way to add shadows or build up color.


Use a paper towel to remove the paint.  This can be used to add details like clouds or to remove mistakes.

Thick Brush Stroke


Use masking fluid (or tape) to prevent paint from getting on certain areas.


Run your finger across a very wet brush to create splatter.

Thick Brush Stroke


Drop salt onto wet paint to create a fun texture. Let the paint dry and then brush away the salt.