The Best White Ink for Watercolor Illustrations

White Ink is So Useful!

It's great for adding highlights and details to watercolor illustrations!

I Tested My Favorites

My favorite white ink was tested over blank ink, watercolor, and gouache to find the best.

Sakura Gelly Roll

This gel pen is pretty well known and for a good reason. They work best when they're newer. (Affiliate link)

Uniball Signo

This is probably my favorite white pen.  It's affordable and has opaque ink. (Affiliate link)

Dr PH Martin's Bombay Ink

This ink comes in a bottle and needs to be used with a nib or a small brush.  Because of that, it's not as convenient as the pens, but I still like using it. (Affiliate link)

Posca Pen

Okay, so technically this isn't ink. Posca pens are filled with acrylic paint. But the Posca pen is one of my favorite ways to add white to a watercolor illustration.  They are available in a ton of sizes! (Affiliate link)

Alternatives to White Ink

You could use white acrylic paint or white gouache instead.  Use a small brush for the best results.

My Favorite White Pen

The Uniball Signo pen is probably my favorite. It's just so easy to use. The Posca pen is a close 2nd because I love how opaque it is.