How to Convert Procreate Drawings to Vectors

You will need: iPad and Apple Pencil Procreate Drawing App Adobe Illustrator

Part 1: Draw Your Art

Every element needs to be on its own layer Make all elements black Use smoother brushes as much as possible

Getting the Drawings Ready for Illustrator

Make sure that all of the layers are visible. Turn off the background layer.  Share as a PSD file and share file to your computer.

Part 2: Convert to Vectors

Open the PSD file with Adobe Illustrator.

Turn off Visibility for All Layers Except One

Open the Image Trace window. 

Click advanced and check next to "ignore white".

Click "Trace"

If your design is complicated or textured, you might need to play with the settings to get a perfect image trace. 

Repeat Until You're Finished With All of the Designs

From there, you can clean the shapes and recolor as desired.