3 ways to use watercolor tubes

If you're new to watercolor painting, you might be confused about how to use tube paint.  Here are my 3 favorite ways to paint with watercolor tubes. 

From the tube


Painting from the Tube

This method makes it easy to mix up large batches of colors.  Simply squeeze paint onto a mixing palette, add water, and paint. 

Poured in a mixing palette


Using a Mixing Palette

This method uses fresh paint poured into a mixing palette.  Look for a mixing palette with a lid to keep the paint dust-free. 

Dried in Pans


Dried Watercolor Pans

Since watercolor reactivates with water, this is a convenient way to use watercolor tube paint! Pour the paint into empty paint pans. Let it dry for a few days. 

Make sure to swatch your colors!

Dried watercolor paint pans can look different, so it's important to swatch your colors. 

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