Viviva Colorsheets Review

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Read this Viviva colorsheets review and find out if you should try this portable paint booklet. The colors are vibrant, but are they worth the money?

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About Viviva Colorsheets

Viviva colorsheets are a small booklet that contains sheets of dry dye that can easily be wet with a paint brush. The compact size means that they are perfect for traveling.

Each set contains 16 beautiful colors that mix well. The paint can be used in a palette for more mixing or you can mix colors on the paper card that is included.

viviva colorsheets and brush

Viviva Colorsheets Review


  • Portability. This set is so small (just a little bigger than a credit card,) so it’s perfect for travelers.
  • Very pigmented colors. These colors are some of the brightest colors that I’ve seen!
  • Affordable. The price compares to beginner watercolor paint.
  • Perfect for adding pops of intense color.
color swatches from viviva colorsheets


  • Not watercolors. These are dye based and do not react exactly like watercolor paint. They don’t have the same luminance that watercolor has.
  • Hard to layer colors. I had the hardest time layering colors when I painted with Viviva colorsheets. I kept getting water blooms.
  • Stains skin. I had fun freckles for the day after painting.
  • Hard to clean from brushes. There is so much pigment that you will end up spending a lot more time cleaning your brush. Normally a quick swish in the water does the job just fine.
  • Have to change water more often. The water got dirty much faster than usual due to the heavy pigments.
  • Student grade. This is important if you want to sell your work. If not, you will probably love this paint.

My Overall Thoughts on Viviva Colorsheets

The Viviva Colorsheets remind me a lot of Dr Ph Martin watercolors and inks. They have the same intense vibrancy.

For the best results, you should dilute the paint in a palette. This helps them behave more like watercolor paint. Keep in mind that adding more color when the paint is dry on the paperdoesn’t always work so well.

Mixing colors in a palette works best for me. I really love this small ceramic palette.

I recommend these paints to travelers, people in small spaces, and people who like trying new things.

"thank you" card painted with viviva watercolor sheets

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