Procreate 5X Updates

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Learn more about the Procreate 5X Updates. There are so many fun, new features to make creating art even better!

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Procreate 5X Updates

Procreate is my favorite drawing app for the iPad. It’s so versatile and it makes digital art feel so natural.

Procreate recently released its latest update: Procreate 5X. There are a lot of new things that this iPad drawing app can do.

Procreate requires an iPad and an Apple pencil.

FYI: A lot of the features require updating the iPadOS to 14.

Learn more about Procreate basics.


Filters can be accessed through the Adjustments Menu. They can be applied to the chosen layer or with a pencil. These effects can be increased by sliding your finger to the right.

Learn more about the adjustment options in Procreate here.

procreate filters

I’m using this piece of art to demo the filter effects.

colorful cake illustration
Artwork before filters

Pencil Filter

Requires an Apple pencil.

Filters can now to a pencil. When using a pencil filter, a sparkle appears on the Brushes panel. You can still choose your brushes, but the filter can be painted onto the canvas.

This can also be used with the smudge or erase tools.

Bloom Filter

This effect adds a glow to create lighting. Dragging your finger to the right will create more bright spots.

I used this effect to add more glow to my neon brush.

using bloom filter on procreate

Glitch Effect

This effect gives a glitch effect to replicate video glitches. There are 4 different types: Artifact, Wave, Signal, and Diverge.

(The effect is applied to the candy layer.)

glitch effect on cake artwork

Halftone Filter

This effect gives a half-tone effect (dots to mimic old newsprint.) You have 3 options in this layer: full color, screenprint, and newspaper.

halftone effect on cake illustration
Full color effect on cake in lower left corner.
halftone effect on procreate artwork
Screenprint effect
halftone newsprint effect on procreate
Newspaper effect

Chromatic Aberration

This effect changes the red and blue shift to mimic a camera lens effect.

chromatic aberration effect on procreate

Gradient Map

Gradient maps can be found under color adjustment. It applies a color gradient to the chose layer. There are 8 preset color palettes or you can create your own color gradient.

gradient map tool in procreate

Transform Tools

These are the Procreate 5X updates that I’m most excited about. Maybe they will include some align tools soon?

Snap Tool

The snap tool needs to be toggled on to use. It helps place layers in the center. It will be very useful for creating patterns.

snapping tool in procreate

Adjust Bounding Box

Procreate now has the ability to adjust the bounding box. Select the item and move the yellow square to rotate the bounding box.

adjusting bounding box in procreate

Color Tools

Psst… Learn how to make your color picker work again!

new color tools in procreate

Color Fill

This tool fills areas with color until it runs into another color or shape. You can also draw shapes while in the selection tool and they will fill when you press the gray circle.

Swatch Drop

You can now fill colors by holding a swatch color and dragging it to the space you want to fill. It also has a threshold that can be adjusted to fill more or less color.

Instant Color Palette

Procreate now has the ability to create color palettes from your camera, files, or photos. Just use your finger to select the colors you want.

Menu Tools


This new feature allows you to access certain menu features by touching the screen. It must be enabled and set up through the Actions panel > Prefs > Gesture Control > QuickMenu.

quickmenu for procreate

Duplicate Copy and Paste Feature

This new feature allows you to duplicate the chosen layer. The layer will remain as it is and a new copied layer will be added.

duplicate feature on procreate

Brush Tools

The only new change in the Brush studio is the addition of being able to blur the brush.

Blur Brush

The blur setting allows you to change how much a brush blurs the paint on canvas when applied and how much it spreads when applied.

This tool can be accessed in the Wet Mix menu in the brush studio.

new blur feature in procreate brush studio

Other Tools

Export HVEC Animations

This setting allows you to export animations with transparent backgrounds. When exporting, choose HVEC. There are options to change the speed through the frames per second slider.

Reference Companion

This new feature displays a small floating window on top of the canvas that can be used as a reference photo (instead of using a split screen.) The window can be moved by touching the handle at the top and dragging it to a new location.

Access it through the Actions panel > canvas > reference.

reference window in procreate

Facepaint Mode

FacePaint is used to create masks and make-up, similar to Instagram filters. If you paint on the canvas, it will appear on your face.

To access this feature, tap Actions > Canvas > Reference. Tap the face button.

You can share it as a photo or a video.

Private Layer

Private layers allow you to add layers that cannot be seen in Gallery previews or exported time-lapse videos.

private layer in procreate

Private layers can be accessed in the Actions > Add panel. Slide the “insert a file” tab to the left and it will show a gray button that says “Add a private layer.”

Scribble Tool

This tool changes written words into text. It can be used with the text feature. Add text in the Action panel, then just start writing to edit the text. I find that it works best if I write outside of the text box.

You will need iPadOS14 and an Apple pencil.

You must enable Scribble through the iPad settings menu in the Apple pencil section.

Widget for IPad

This is a new feature for iPads with iPadOS 14 or higher. It allows you to create a permanent shortcut on your iPad screen that will access the last piece of art that you were working on, without showing the gallery page.

New brushes added all the time!

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