Learn how to paint with easy watercolor painting tutorials. These tutorials are perfect for beginners who don’t know where to start. From supplies to basic techniques, I’ve got you covered.

watercolor palette

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Watercolor Painting Tutorials: Supplies

When you’re just getting started, it can be so confusing to know what to buy. Learn more about which supplies are worth buying so that you don’t waste your money.

Watercolor Supplies for Beginners

The Best Watercolor Paint for Beginners

Watercolor Types Explained: Tubes VS Pans

A Guide to Watercolor Brushes

How to Care for Watercolor Brushes

All About Watercolor Paper

Beginners Guide to Watercolor Palettes

Watercolor VS Gouache

Watercolor Starter Colors

The Best Watercolor Sketchbooks

Erasers for Using with Watercolor Paint

The Best Pencils for Watercolors

Watercolor Basics

Use these easy tutorials to get started painting.

Easy Watercolor Techniques

How to Use Watercolor Tubes

How to Read Paint Tubes

How to Make Your Own Watercolor Palette

Making a Color Wheel Stencil

How to Start a Sketchbook Practice

Painting White with Watercolors

How to Choose a Color Palette

collage of watercolor swatches and color wheel

Color Mixing Lessons

Mixing watercolor is so much fun. Learn the basics so that you break all the rules!

Color Theory: How to Mix Watercolor Paint

How to Mix Purple

Mixing Orange

How to Mix Green

Tips for Mixing Brown

How to Mix Black

Tips for Mixing Red

How to Mix Pastels

watercolor paint palette

Painting Tutorials

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to create some art. Here are some easy watercolor painting ideas to get started.

Watercolor Painting Warm-Up Ideas

Galaxy Painting

Easy Sunset Painting

How to Paint Roses

How to Paint Lavender

How to Paint Leaves

Easy Abstract Painting Ideas

Simple Watercolor Landscape Painting Ideas

Easy Christmas Cards

More Christmas Card Ideas

Floral Heart for Valentine’s Day

How to Paint Simple Flowers

How to Paint Pumpkins

Fall Leaf Watercolor Tutorial

Fun Watercolor Ideas to Try

Watercolor Paint Reviews

Sakura Koi

Viviva Color Sheets

Schminke Watercolor Paint

My Favorite Watercolor Supplies

Other Watercolor Posts

Watercolor Pencil Tips

How to Sharpen Watercolor Pencils

How to Use Watercolor Markers

Waterproof Pens for Watercolor

White Ink for Watercolor