Gouache Valentine’s Card Painting Ideas

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these simple gouache Valentine’s card painting ideas.

If you’re new to gouache, you might want to check out this post with tips for painting with gouache.

gouache valentine's cards

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After painting these Valentine’s cards with watercolors, I had a few more ideas I wanted to try with gouache. I love painting with gouache because it creates such a different look. I love how matte the finish is.

These ideas are pretty simple and can be embellished if you wish. I’m really into adding metallic accents, so I added a few here. But I could have added even more.

You can also add more lettering if you wish. The lettering I used is really simple, by the way. If you’ve never incorporated lettering in your art, try it.

Gouache Valentine’s Card Painting Ideas

Supplies Needed:

I used the colors from the Arteza gouache set: pale yellow, pearl coral, emerald green, ballerina pink, ice blue, vermilion red, and sage green.

Some of these colors are metallic, which adds a nice touch.

arteza gouache

Before you get started, I recommend swatching colors to make your color palette. Gouache is a little harder when it comes to choosing a color palette.

The colors dry differently, and I always struggle with creating a cohesive color palette with enough contrast. Swatching is very important.

Vase of Heart Flowers

  1. Sketch out the vase and flowers. sketch of vase and heart flowers
  2. Paint the hearts.hearts painted on sketch
  3. Paint the vase.green vase with pink hearts
  4. Add the details using a smaller brush.
  5. When the paint dries, erase any stray pencil marks.
painting with vase of heart flowers


  1. Sketch out the letters and the scalloped rectangle. sketch of valentine's card
  2. Paint the scallops.painting in progress
  3. Paint the letters.card that says xoxo
  4. Let the paint dry and erase any pencil marks.
card with XOXO painted on it

Heart with Flowers

  1. Sketch out the heart. You can add the flowers now, too, if you wish. sketch of heart
  2. Paint the heart. It may need two coats of paint to get full coverage. heart painted pale pink
  3. Add flowers around the edge of the heart. I like to paint blobby flowers. heart with red roses painted around the edge
  4. Add in more details until the edges are full. heart painted with floral edges
  5. Let the paint fully dry and erase pencil marks if needed.
card with painted heart and flowers

Be Mine Card

  1. Sketch out the oval. I traced a jar twice and connected the arcs with straight lines. arcs drawn on paper
  2. Draw scallops around the edge. sketch of oval with scallops
  3. Paint the oval. It may need two coats for full coverage. pink oval with light blue scalloped edge
  4. Paint the scallops.pink oval with light blue scallops
  5. Add the bow.oval with teal bow painted on it
  6. Draw out the lettering.painted oval that says "Be Mine"
  7. Paint the letters.card that says "be mine"
  8. Add a heart if you want.
  9. When the paint dries, erase any pencil marks.
card that says "be mine"
valentine's card painted with gouache

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card painting of vase of heart flowers

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