Watercolor Valentine Card Ideas for Beginners

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These watercolor Valentine card ideas are so simple and easy to make. These cards are so easy to make, no matter your skill level. Tell your loved ones they’re important to you with these sweet Valentine’s cards.

If you’re new to watercolor, you might want to check out these watercolor tutorials first.

valentine cards painted in watercolor

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I had so much fun creating these Valentine’s cards. I love the simplicity that allows you to add as many details as desired.

valentine cards painted with watercolors

Watercolor Valentine Card Ideas for Beginners

Supplies Needed:

Notes About Supplies:

Liquid Watercolor

I love using liquid watercolors when I want a more vibrant effect. They work great in a wet-on-wet technique because they’re so concentrated. I love how they mix and create a fun texture.

They can be used with regular watercolor paint, which I did for the last card.

By the way, this paint lasts forever. I’ve had my set for over seven years and still have them.

If you don’t have liquid watercolors, use regular watercolor paint.

Metallic Watercolor

I’m obsessed with adding metallic watercolor details to everything lately. The set I linked is so much fun to play with, and the paint is very vibrant. A lot of metallic paint isn’t visible on its own, but this paint works great.

A Few Words of Encouragement

You can do this!

If you’re new to watercolor painting, it’s easy to be hard on yourself. The important thing to remember is that the beauty of watercolor is the imperfections.
Be kind to yourself. You’re doing great.

Grid of Hearts

I used pink, red, and purple, but you can use any color combination you want.

  1. Draw hearts in a grid of 3×3. You can measure and be specific, but I just eyed it. hearts drawn on paper
  2. Fill each heart with a color. adding paint to heart shape
  3. While the paint is wet, drop in a few drops of another color.
  4. Alternate colors.
  5. Let the paint dry. hearts painted in red, pink and purple
  6. Erase any spare pencil marks.
valentine card with hearts painted in watercolor paint

Heart with Small Gold Hearts

  1. Draw a large heart in the center of the card. heart drawn on card
  2. Paint the heart with clean water. painting water on heart shape
  3. Drop paint onto the water and let the paint spread. (This is a wet-on-wet technique.)dropping paint into water shape on paper
  4. Add more colors.paint colors added to water heart shape on paper
  5. Mix colors as needed.
  6. Let the paint dry completely. heart painted in watercolor
  7. Paint tiny gold stars over the heart.heart card painted in watercolor
heart valentine card with paper doilies

Negative Space “LOVE” Card

  1. Draw “LOVE” on the card. You can also write out the letters and paint around them. "LOVE" drawn on paper
  2. Tape the card down. card taped down
  3. Fill the negative space with water.
  4. Drop color into the water.adding color to water on card that says LOVE
  5. Add more colors.watercolor valentine card in progress
  6. As you work, try to keep a wet edge.
  7. Continue until you finish the whole area.watercolor card that says LOVE
  8. Let the paint dry.
  9. Add metallic details to the edges of the letters. adding metallic details to valentine card
watercolor card that says "love"

Negative Space Oval with Words

  1. Draw out an oval. (I traced a jar twice and connected the arcs with straight lines.)arcs drawn on paper
  2. Write your message in the center of the card. I wrote Happy Valentine’s Day. valentine card drawn out
  3. If desired, add a heart and a flower.
  4. Tape the card down.taped down valentine card
  5. Fill the area around the oval with clean water. adding water to valentine card
  6. Drop color into the water.adding color to valentine card
  7. Blend colors as desired.
  8. Fill the entire area with color. watercolor valentine card in progress
  9. Let the paint dry.
  10. Paint in the details. I added simple lettering to the message.valentine card being painted
  11. My flower is just kind of a blobby rose (rose tutorial) with leaves (leaf tutorial). And I painted a heart.
  12. Add details in metallic paint if desired. valentine card with metallic edge
  13. Stray pencil marks can be erased after the paint dries.
card that says "Happy Valentine's Day"
valentine cards painted with watercolor

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