How to Make a Perfect Circle in Procreate

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Learn how to make a perfect circle in Procreate. Get easy tips for creating circles in Procreate, even if you’re bad at drawing.

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ipad with aqua colored circle

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Drawing a perfect circle can be really difficult. Luckily, Procreate has a few options to make this really easy.

ipad with circle drawn

How to Make a Perfect Circle in Procreate

There are a few ways to make a perfect circle in Procreate.

Make a Circle Stamp Brush

If you use circles a lot, this is a very easy way to create circles quickly. I love using a circle brush to create a template for wreaths.

  1. Duplicate the monoline brush.duplicating a monoline brush to make circle brush
  2. Click on the brush to access the brush settings.
  3. Increase spacing to the max.increase spacing to create circle stamp brush
  4. Increase the maximum size all the way. You might need to increase the minimum size too to make it big enough. screenshot of procreate brush studio
  5. Rename your brush to indicate that it’s a circle brush. renaming procreate brush
  6. Click once on the screen to create a circle. Adjust the brush size to get the size right. teal circle in procreate

By the way, I have a ton of other fun Procreate brush tutorials here.

Using Quickshape

This works best with a solid brush (like a monoline brush) so that you can fill it. If you use a textured brush, you may end up with a gap that makes it hard to fill.

textured circle drawn in procreate
open spaces in circle shape in procreate
The texture makes open spots in the circle outline.
  1. Draw a circle and don’t lift your pencil from the screen. drawing circle in Procreate
  2. It will snap into a circle or an ellipse and the top of the screen will say “ellipse created.”drawing circle in procreate with quickshape
  3. Pick up the pencil and select “edit shape” at the top of the screen. drawing perfect circle in procreate
  4. You can adjust the size by pulling on the blue nodes.
  5. Tap on the screen to deselect.
  6. Fill it with color if desired. green circle in procreate

If it doesn’t give you the option for a circle, your original circle may have been too oval-shaped. Delete it and try again.

You can also try drawing the circle and holding a finger on the screen. It should snap to a perfect circle. (This option can be a bit wonky for me. It works when it wants to.)

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ipad with circle drawn

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