Mermaid Inspired Color Palette for Procreate

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Download a free color palette for Procreate inspired by mermaids. This color palette features purples, teals and blue-greens that have a magical feel.

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Mermaid Inspired Color Palette for Procreate

This illustration was so much fun to create using this color palette.

I actually found a use for the fun Ocean and Water brushes! It’s subtle, but I used them in the background.

mermaid tail illustration

In addition to those brushes, I also used my free monoline brush, the soft small airbrush for the edges, and the studio pen.

The mermaid-inspired color palette uses purples, teals, and sea greens. I don’t even like purple, but I really like this combination of colors.

Download the Free Color Palette

Other Color Palettes

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Color Palette Swatches

JPEG Version to Use with Color Picker

Here are instructions for installing color palettes in Procreate.

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