What Does Multiply Do In Procreate?

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If you’re new to Procreate, you’re probably wondering what multiply does in Procreate. Learn more about this blend mode, what it’s used for, and how to use it in your art.

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ipad with layered circles on ipad

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I’ve already touched on multiply in my post on blend modes, but I’ve learned so much more since then.

Multiply is my favorite blend mode and I use it all the time in my art. It’s my favorite way to add shadows and details without adding extra colors.

colorful circles on iPad screen

What Does Multiply Do in Procreate?

Multiply is a blend mode. Blend modes change how the layer interacts with the layer below it. Blend modes make the layer transparent.

As the name implies, multiply takes the layer and multiplies it.

circles in Procreate
Normal Mode
circles using multiply blend mode
Multiply Mode

Think of it like watercolor glazing. As you layer watercolor, the color builds up.

circles layered using multiply

It can be used to add shadows and interest.

Multiply can be used to combine colors in the same way that transparent paint works.

Using multiply to combine colors is great when working with a limited color palette.

color palette in procreate

You can technically use 3 colors and create a range of colors with multiply. This can give your work a more cohesive look. It’s also easier than trying to pick the perfect colors.

procreate screenshot of colorful circles

Lowering the opacity of the colors gives you an even larger range.

light colored circles in Procreate

I used 3 bright colors (CMY), but you can get a similar effect with any 3 colors.

How to Use Multiply in Procreate

  1. Create your first layer.
  2. Create a new layer and set it to multiply.
  3. I like to use the same color as before to create shadows. When set to multiply, the color shows up darker because it’s layered. adding shadow to mug in procreate
  4. If it’s too intense, lower the opacity of the layer.
  5. Blend as usual to make it even more subtle. blended layer in procreate
  6. You can also use it with clipping masks or alpha lock.
illustrated mug in procreate

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