Etsy Shop Images: Sizes and Tips for Beginners (Updated for 2023)

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If you’re just setting up an Etsy shop, you may be confused about the branding images. Read more about recommended sizes and tips for creating Etsy shop images.

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These sizes are updated for 2023 with the latest recommendations from Etsy.

All About Images for Your Etsy Shop

Figuring out the images is one of the most difficult parts of setting up an Etsy shop. So I’m here to give you a few pointers.

Tips for Creating Images

  • Done is the new perfect. Don’t sweat too much on things like your banner image or even your logo. When you’re starting out, it’s easy to think that those things matter, but very few customers actually these images. Don’t let it be the thing that holds you back.
  • It’s okay to change your branding as your shop evolves. I’ve changed mine so many times to reflect a new logo or look.
  • If you’re stuck for ideas, go with a simple design. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Keep mobile viewers in mind. If people do click on your shop page, complicated designs can be hard to see. Avoid busy collage-type images.
  • Keep contrast in mind. Light colors on a white background are impossible to see. etsy banner with pale pink text that's hard to read

You can use a program like Canva or PicMonkey to create your images, or you can use design software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

If you use Canva or PicMonkey, be sure to input your own custom dimensions. Sometimes their pre-set ones are not correct (the Facebook cover photo is way off!)

setting custom size in canva

They have templates you can use, but change the colors and fonts for a unique look!

templates in canva

I am sharing my Etsy shop for this information, but keep in mind that it’s far from perfect! I see a ton of things that I should change.

shop banner and profile pic in etsy shop

Not sure how to make your photos smaller? Learn how!

Etsy Banner

This is the image at the top of the screen. This should say your shop name and possibly convey what your shop is about. You can do this through imagery or mood. My shop is whimsical and creative, so my banner portrays that.

You currently get an option for a big banner or a mini banner.

Size for the Big Banner

The official size from Etsy documentation for the big banner is 3360 x 840 px. The minimum size to use is 1200 x 300 px.

Size for the Mini Banner

The minimum size for the mini banner is 1200 x 160px. The recommended size is 1600 x 213px.

(Go with the recommended size, not the minimum size.)

Be sure to check out this post on how to name your Etsy shop.

Size for the Carousel Banner

Carousel and collage banners can only be used by Etsy Plus subscribers.

The size for the carousel banner is 1200 x 300px.

Shop Icon

This is where you place your logo. It is a small image and needs to make sense when viewed. My shop logo is the same as my favicon for my main website.


The size for the shop icon is 500 x 500px.

Profile Photo

This should be a photo of you. This adds trust to your shop and shows that you’re an actual person. My photo is a few years old, but it does the job.

I get that photos can be challenging but don’t sweat them too much. Just add a photo of you.


The size of the profile photo is 500 x 500px.

Curious about other places to sell digital products, besides Etsy? Learn more!

Etsy Listing Photos

Etsy listing photos are what sell your products. Extra care needs to be put into creating these.

Photo Size

The sizes for Etsy listings have changed twice since I started my shop.

The newest size is 2000 pixels on the shortest side with a resolution of 72PPI.

Use square photos. The latest news from Etsy says that square photos sell more products than rectangle photos.

This is probably because most users are on their phones, not desktop computers.

Square photos make it easy to use on other platforms like Shopify.

Best Practices

  • Use sRGB color mode when creating images. This just means that the colors are for computer screens, not printing.
  • Uniform branding. I try to keep the branding the same throughout my shop.
  • Clear labeling. Use fonts that are easy to read in colors that stand out enough to read.
  • Tell the customer exactly what the item is. For digital products, I list exactly what it is, how many images or pages are included, and the formats.
  • If you sell digital products, consider a light watermark or a background to prevent easy theft of your product. It may still get stolen, but at least you’ve done your best. (If you sell SVG cut files, don’t just show a black cut file image on a white background.)watermarked starburst svg
  • Use all 10 images if possible. Show the product at different angles or with different uses. If your product is digital, show how it can be used through mock-ups. If it’s patterned, show close-ups of the design. coffee mug with starburst mockup for SVG
  • If your product is digital, be sure to state it several times throughout the listing photos and description. This will prevent confused customers.
  • Some of the photos can be informative text about the product. text image of information about SVGs and how to use them

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