How to Make a Glowing Neon Procreate Brush

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Get easy tips for creating a glowing neon Procreate brush. This Procreate brush is perfect for creating hand-lettering or art.

If you’re new to Procreate, be sure to check out these other Procreate brush tutorials.

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There are a ton of ways to create a glowing effect in Procreate, but I wanted to create a neon brush that I can use for lettering.

It’s a pretty easy brush to make. I’ve also included a few tips for making it glow even more, plus ideas for colors to use.

How to Make a Glowing Neon Procreate Brush

This brush uses streamline, which makes your hand-lettering gorgeous even if you have bad handwriting. You can decrease the streamline amount to make the writing more realistic.

  1. Create a new brush by clicking on the plus sign. creating new procreate brush
  2. Change the shape source. Click edit and select source library under import.making procreate brush
  3. Scroll down and select Glow.glow image source for procreate brush
  4. Click done.
  5. Under “stroke path”, decrease the spacing to none.screenshot of procreate brush making
  6. Under “stabilization”, increase the streamline amount to max. (You can use less if you want.)increasing stabilization for brush in Procreate
  7. If desired, you can change the brush size minimum and maximum sizes. (I left it alone for now.)resizing procreate brush
  8. Under “about this brush”, name the brush. naming procreate brush
  9. Now test it out. I like to fill a layer with black and then draw on a new layer. testing glow brush for procreate
procreate screenshot "glow brush" written

Tips for Creating More Glow in Procreate

This brush works great on a dark background. It really helps the glow stand out.

  • Increase brush size. This brush gets even better when you increase the size. Just increase it on the side as usual. resizing brush to make it glow more
  • Add a gaussian blur. Duplicate the layer. Alpha lock the bottom layer and fill it with white. filling layer with whiteAdd a gaussian blur. Use a side motion with your finger to increase the effect.lettering with gaussian blur added
  • Add a Bloom effect. Duplicate the layer. Add the bloom effect in the same way. You can play with the settings to increase the effect. adding bloom effect to lettering
neon rainbow

Neon Colors to Use

For neon colors, you can think fluorescent or you can think of typical neon light colors.

Neon light colors tend to be very similar to 8-bit colors. So bright red, yellow, green, and blue work, as well as a bright aqua.

neon colors for procreate

For fluorescent colors, look for pinks, reds, oranges, and greens that are very saturated and bright.

Of course, you can always use any color that you want. Keep in mind that bright colors look the best.

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Glowing Neon Procreate Brush

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