How to Use the Color Picker in Procreate 5X

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If you’ve been using Procreate for a while, you probably think you know how to use the color picker. However, if you’ve upgraded your app to 5X, you might have discovered that it no longer works.

Today, I’m sharing how to make the color picker work again.

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pin image - screenshot of using the procreate color picker on abstract art

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Using the Color Picker in Procreate 5X

Procreate 5x has some awesome new features, but there are a few things that I’m not a fan of. The biggest change is that the square button on the left side no longer works to use as the color picker/ eyedropper tool.

Luckily, there’s a really easy way to turn it back on!

  1. In the action panel, select the “Prefs” option. changing preferences in procreate
  2. Select gesture controls.Editing gesture controls in procreate
  3. Choose the Eyedropper menu. (By default, all of these options are turned off.)changing eyedropper settings in procreate
  4. Select the option that you like to use. I chose the Square button + touch to make it work like it used to.
  5. Now it works perfectly again! Just touch the square button and use your other hand to hover over the color you want. screenshot using color eyedropper in procreate

(It’s really hard to get a screen capture of this feature, so I recorded the screen and took an image from the video.)

Other Color Features

Since I wrote about the new Procreate 5X features, I’ve had a better chance to play with some of the new features.

How to Detach the Color Panel

  1. Touch the little gray bar at the top of the color palette panel and drag it to another part of the screen. how to detach color palette menu
  2. Now your palette is easily available.floating color palette screen in procreate
  3. Hit the X in the top right corner to make the palette go back to its normal place.

New Palette Options

You now have the option to create a palette using artwork, files, photos, or the camera. new options for making a color palette from photos

If you want to use the existing artwork on your screen, you need to save it first and then upload it through photos or files, depending on how you save it.

Then it creates a palette using all of the colors.

palette created from art on screen

As you can see, it creates a lot more colors because the image is raster-based and made of tiny little pixels of colors. Even though these shapes look like one color, if you zoom in, you can see variations of colors along the edges. close up of pixels showing different colors around the edges

To keep a limited palette, go through and delete the colors that you don’t like. Just click a color and hold to delete the swatch.

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