How to Make a Dotted Line Brush for Procreate

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Learn how to make a dotted brush for Procreate. This easy-to-make brush is perfect for adding detail to illustrations and lettering. Plus, learn how to make variations of this simple brush.

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iPad with teal dotted line

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A dotted line brush can be a handy brush to have in your Procreate brush menu. Like the dashed line brush, it’s great for adding simple details to an illustration, but I also love it for hand lettering.

dotted teal line brush in procreate

How to Make a Dotted Line Brush for Procreate

The dotted line brush is probably the easier brush to make!

  1. Make a new brush in the brush menu. brush menu in Procreate
  2. Under stroke path, increase the spacing. (You can test the spacing by drawing a straight line in the drawing pad area.increase spacing in Procreate brush menu
  3. In the Apple pencil menu, set the opacity to none. This makes the dots opaque when using the Apple pencil. changing opacity of Apple pencil
  4. In “About this brush,” you can name the brush and create a new reset point so that if you change the settings, it’s easy to get back to the original brush. naming procreate brush
teal dotted lines in Procreate

Dotted Line Brush Variations

Since this brush is so easy to make, I figured I would add a few simple variations. To make things even easier, duplicate the brush before making changes. Then click on the copy to make the new changes.

duplicating brush in Procreate

Soft Edge Circle Brush

  1. In the shape menu, click edit to change the shape source. changing shape source for Procreate brush
  2. Click import to access the source library.procreate screenshot
  3. Scroll down and choose one of the softer circles. I chose the medium-hard. source library in Procreate brush menu
  4. Click done.
  5. Rename the brush and set a new reset point.
pink blurry dotted lines

Alternatively, you can choose any of the other source shapes.

Rainbow Dotted Line Brush

This brush combines the dotted line brush with the color dynamics brush features to create a brush that changes color as you draw.

  1. Duplicate the first brush again.
  2. In the color dynamics menu, increase the hue under stamp color jitter. making rainbow dotted line brush
  3. A lower percentage changes the color a little. color dynamics settings in Procreate
  4. A higher percentage changes the color more. Max changes it the most into random colors. color dynamics brush settings
  5. You can play with the other settings and see what you like.
  6. Don’t forget to rename the brush and set a new reset point.
rainbow dotted line brush in Procreate

Heart Brush

  1. Start with a square canvas.square canvas in Procreate
  2. Draw a heart and fill it in with black. black heart
  3. Select copy canvas under add in the actions panel.screenshot of copy canvas in procreate
  4. Duplicate the dotted brush.
  5. In the shape menu, click edit.
  6. Click import and select paste.pasting shape in procreate brush
  7. Use 2 fingers to tap and invert the shape.inverted heart illustration
  8. Click done.
  9. If desired, you can change the minimum and maximum sizes in the properties panel. changing minimum and maximum sizes
  10. Rename the brush and set a new reset point.
heart line brush in Procreate

Any shape can be used. How cute would a star brush be?

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Download a Dotted Line Brush

iPad with hand-lettered image that says dotted line

This link allows you to download the 1st dotted brush that we made.

These downloads are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell.

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Download the Dotted Line Brush Here

Here’s how to install Procreate brushes.

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