Simple Watercolor Flowers for Beginners

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Learn how to paint simple watercolor flowers. This easy tutorial is perfect for beginners who want to paint, but aren’t sure what to paint.

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watercolor flower paintings

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Flowers are one of my favorite things to paint with watercolor. There’s just something about it that’s really enjoyable.

Flowers are my go-to thing to paint or draw when I don’t know what to paint (or draw).

My Color Palette

I wanted a more muted color palette, so I mixed my favorite colors with a bit of Naples yellow and a bit of burnt sienna where needed.

When adding Naples yellow, you have to be careful not to add too much or it can change the color completely. It’s my favorite way to make colors into pastel shades though.

paint palette with paint

You can also add a touch of the complementary color to mute them more. For instance, the blue needed to be toned down a bit, so I added a touch of orange and it was perfect.

Use whatever color palette you want though.

Simple Watercolor Flowers

These are really simple, almost made-up flowers. No realism here. For the most part, they’re painted in a loose style, allowing colors to bleed into other colors.

Since they’re made up flowers, I just made up the leaves to go on the stems. Here’s some easy leaves to paint.

One last tip: it’s okay if your flowers are a bit wonky. Flowers in nature are never perfect!

paintings of flowers painted in watercolor

Supplies Needed

You can read more about my recommended watercolor paint for beginners here.

Flower 1: Simple 5 Petal Flower

You can make this a 4 petal or 6 petal flower if you want. It’s the easiest flower to paint

  1. Paint a tear drop shape.painting blue flower shape
  2. Fill it in.
  3. Add 4 more tear drop shapes to make the flower. blue watercolor flower shape
  4. Add a stem and smaller tear drop leaves. flower with stem and leaves
  5. While it’s wet, drop in a tiny bit of a darker color.watercolor flower
  6. When it’s dry, add details to the center. You can add dots or lines or a combination of both. Use a smaller brush for fine lines. blue flower painted in watercolor

Flower 2

These flowers remind me a bit of tulips. They’re really fun to paint.

  1. Use the brush to create downward strokes for the petal. painting pink flower petals
  2. Connect several together to create the flower. pink flowers
  3. You can paint these neatly or kind of scribble them on in an up and down motion.
  4. Add the stems and simple leaf with stems
  5. Let the flowers dry.
  6. When it’s dry, use the same motion to create the green part under the flower. pink flowers painted with watercolor

Flower 3

This multi-petal flower is fun to paint.

  1. Paint small marks for the center of the flower. yellow center of flower painting
  2. Paint larger curved marks around the center, moving your way out. Use the brush shape to get interesting shapes.yellow flower painting
  3. Paint a stem and a leaf. yellow florals painted in watercolors

Flower 4

This flower kind of looks like a dandelion that’s gone to seed.

  1. Paint a dot for the dot
  2. Use the paintbrush to draw lines from the center. dot with lines going through it
  3. Keep adding lines, varying the starburst shape
  4. When it’s pretty full, add shorter lines in between the lines. watercolor dandelion flower
  5. Add small lines around the edges.
  6. Add a stem and leaves. These leaves are created by dragging the brush to create a curved, wonky leaf. painting leaf on dandelion flower
dandelion painting in watercolor

Flower 5

I paint these flowers all the time because I find them so satisfying.

  1. Use concentrated paint to paint dots in a semicircle shape with a curved bottom. purple center of flower
  2. Make sure that there are plenty of dots at the bottom edge.
  3. Clean your brush and paint clean water to create petals. Start at the bottom tip of the petal and work your way up to the paint. adding petals to watercolor flower
  4. When the water touches the paint, the color will flow into the water.adding petals in water to watercolor flower
  5. Continue around the bottom part of the edge, adding water petals.
  6. If the petals don’t fill with water, you can add a bit of paint to help it out.purple watercolor flower
  7. You can also drop in other colors in the water petals.
  8. Add a stem and a petal. purple watercolor flower
  9. When the flower dries, you can add more of the darker paint to redefine the dots of the flower center.painting purple watercolor flower

Combining the Flowers into a Bouquet

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when creating bouquets of flowers.

  • I didn’t do it, but bouquets look really pretty when you paint a very diluted layer first and then paint your flowers around it. (They look like they’re behind the main blooms.)
  • Stick to a limited, cohesive color palette.
  • Flowers look best in groups of 3 or 5.
  • The flowers should face in different directions instead of being straight up and down.
  • Vary the stem colors and thicknesses for more interest.
  • Add filler flowers to fill empty spaces. These can just be smaller versions of the simple flowers or even just dots to represent berry sprigs.
watercolor bouquet
  1. Paint your biggest flowers first.
  2. Add in the medium flowers.
  3. Paint in the stems and leaves.
  4. Add filler flowers and greenery where it’s needed.

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