Watercolor Rose Tutorial: The Easy Way to Paint Roses

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Learn how to paint roses, the easy way with this watercolor rose tutorial. This method is perfect for beginners who can’t quite master painting rose the way that everyone else does.

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Watercolor roses look so effortless, but are a lot harder to master. Luckily, I’ve developed a method for painting roses that is a little easier.

I’ve watched youtube videos and Skillshare videos month and always seemed to fail when I attempted painting roses.

Then I switched brushes and the skies parted. Read more about the easy way to paint watercolor roses.

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Watercolor Rose Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

How to NOT Paint Watercolor Roses

  • Don’t start with a circle.
  • Don’t paint concentric lines.
  • Don’t use a standard watercolor brush. The belly of the brush doesn’t hold enough water.
  • Don’t forget to add details once the first layer of paint dries.
How not to paint roses - watercolor circle and concentric lines

If you start a watercolor painting like this, it can be fixed if the paint is light enough.

fixing bad watercolor rose

Let the paint dry completely, then paint over the old roses using the technique below.

fixed watercolor rose with more layers of paint

Tips for Painting Watercolor Flowers

  • Use a nice watercolor brush. It doesn’t have to be real animal hair, but it does need to be able to hold a lot of water, but still have a nice point. I really love this brush because it works so well, but doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • Go slow. If you’ve watched a lot of youtube videos, it seems like the artists paint so fast! But beginners need to go slow.
  • Use your brush in a drawing manner to fill in the spaces while still leaving white between the petals.
  • Adding another color into the wet mix is a fun way to add interest to watercolor florals. I really like adding oranges and yellows into pink flowers.
  • The center starts out small and darker, while the petals get larger and lighter in color as you get to the edges.
  • Work in odd numbers for a more pleasing effect. I added 3 center parts to the rose, then 3 small petals, and so forth.
  • Don’t make the petals too perfectly rounded. The need to be ruffly and irregular.
  • Use a palette that holds plenty of paint. I really love this ceramic palette.

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pink watercolor rose with watercolor palette
Yield: 1

Watercolor Rose Tutorial

Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5


  • Watercolor paint
  • Watercolor paper
  • Palette


  • Paintbrush


  1. Use a concentrated amount of watercolor and make 3 little marks in the center. making center marks for watercolor rose
  2. Add a bit more water to your brush and start drawing petals around the center marks.painting first layer of petals
  3. Use the belly of the brush to make thicker petals and the tip of the brush to make thin parts of the petals.
  4. Make sure the edges are imperfect and not too round as you go.
  5. The first layer of petals should have 2-3 petals. painting pink watercolor rose
  6. Continue adding more petals, filling in the white spaces between them to make the petals look like they overlap. painting roses with watercolor
  7. Add more water to lighten the color as you get to the edge.
  8. Continue painting until you're happy. full watercolor rose
  9. Rosebuds can be made by using the belly of your brush to make an oval shape. using brush to make rosebud
  10. Overlap the first oval with another oval. adding to rosebud with watercolor paint
  11. Add a few jagged lines at the top so that your rosebud isn't too perfect.adding petals to watercolor rosebud
  12. Let the rosebud dry completely and add details as desired.
  13. Leaves are made in a similar manner to the rosebud. Use the belly of the brush to make 2 overlapping ovals that have a point at each end.making watercolor rose leaf
  14. Then use the tip of the brush to add jagged marks around the edges.painting watercolor leaf edges
  15. Let the paint dry slightly and add lines for the veins. (They will bleed, but that will add depth to the finished leaf.)watercolor leaf veining
  16. Let the leaves dry completely and add lines again. watercolor rose with leaf


You can drop spots of colors into the rose while it's wet for a fun effect. dropping in watercolor paint colors into wet paint in roses

Details can be added once the painting is completely dry.

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