How to Make a Square Monoline Brush for Procreate

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Learn how to make your own square monoline brush for Procreate and get a free download to use in your art.

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Procreate is a popular drawing app for the iPad. It allows you to create brushes to use in your illustrations. I love making new brushes to use in my art.

What is a square monoline brush?

A square monoline brush is similar to a monoline brush in that it has one thickness without a taper at the end. Instead of being round, it’s square though.

What is a square monoline brush used for?

This brush is great for hand lettering or just mark-making. I find it really fun to use to add details around brush lettering as well.

screenshot of Procreate using square monoline brush

How to Make a a Square Monoline Brush

This is kind of a cheat but I’ll also share how to make it your own.

  1. Find the flat brush in the painting menu. screenshot of brushes in Procreate
  2. Duplicate it. duplicated brushes
  3. If desired, you can move it to it’s own brush folder. (I like keeping all of my favorite brushes together because it saves time.) To move it, select the brush and hold it until it turns blue, then drag it into the correct folder. Double check that it went where you wanted it to go. moved procreate brush
  4. Click the brush to access the settings.
  5. Change the spacing to 0 and the streamline to around 85. changing brush settings
  6. In the rendering menu, set the mode to intense blending.intense blending in procreate brush studio
  7. Under Apple pencil, change the opacity to none.brush studio settings
  8. You can also change the brush name in the “About this brush” menu.changing brush name
  9. If desired, you can change the brush size under properties. Changing the minimum size will increase the size of the brush. procreate brush settings

To make it your own, you can change the brush shape.

  1. To do that, you need to start a new square canvas. I like to use 3000px x 3000px so that the quality is canvas size
  2. Draw a rectangle and color it in. It can be perfectly smooth or have jagged edges. The more character you give the rectangle, the more unique your brush will be.
  3. Duplicate the brush again.
  4. Copy the canvas. rectangle drawing
  5. Paste it into the shape source. pasting shape source in procreate brushes
  6. Use a 2-finger tape to inverse the selection. inverse rectangle shape
  7. Be sure to click “done” to keep the changes.
  8. Try out your new brush.

Alternatively, you can also play with changing the grain source to create more textured brushes.

Using the Square Monoline Brush

I find this brush to be a bit more fiddly to use than most brushes. With patience, this is a fun brush to use though.

Try using the brush at different speeds to get a perfect stroke. Usually, a slow, smooth stoke looks best.

lines drawn in Procreate

I find myself using the undo feature a lot when using this brush.

Take your time and practice your strokes until you get the hang of how it works.

Download a Free Square Monoline Brush

These downloads are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute or sell.

Dear teachers and students: this download will not work if you try to access it when logged into your school email account. Try a personal email account instead.

Square Monoline Brush Download

Here’s how to install brushes in Procreate.

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