How to Paint an Easy DIY Watercolor Valentine Card

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Learn how to make an easy DIY watercolor Valentine card. This cute card features a simple floral heart shape that is perfect for beginners.

This tutorial used basic watercolor painting skills for painting roses and simple leaves.

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DIY Watercolor Valentine Card

Supplies Needed:

I used my new Schminke watercolor paints for this tutorial, but you can use whatever you have. I’ve written about good paints to start with and reviewed the affordable Koi set.

ColErase pencils are my favorite to use under watercolor because they blend in a lot better than a graphite pencil.


  1. If you’re not using watercolor cards, cut your paper to size. Cards are typically 5″ x 7″, so cut your paper to 7″ x 10″.
  2. Use a bone folder to fold your paper.
  3. Lightly draw a heart in the center of the paper. Use a kneaded eraser to remove as much of the pencil as possible. (I used a ColErase photo pencil, so it’s pretty hard to see.) faint drawing of heart shape on card
  4. Paint small flowers evenly spaced around the heart. These are just simple 5 or 6 petal flowers. adding yellow flowers to heart shape with paint
  5. Add roses evenly spaced. I used my rose painting technique but got a little messier and looser. card with yellow flowers and pink roses
  6. Next, add the greenery. I added blue branch type leaves and green leaves to the flowers. floral painted heart shape
  7. If there are any empty spaces, they can be filled in with small details like dots and hearts. floral heart card

I left this heart empty in the middle, but you could also fill it in with more flowers or leaves. Or you could even add a hand-lettered saying.

If you need an envelope template, I have one available on my other blog. I used this template with scrapbook paper to make a matching envelope.

Be sure to check out my easy watercolor flower tutorial if you need more ideas to paint!

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