Procreate Galaxy Tutorial

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This Procreate galaxy tutorial shows you how easy it is to create a galaxy. This tutorial uses brushes that come default with the Procreate app.

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pin image - galaxy art made on Procreate

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I was shocked at how easy it is to create a galaxy painting with Procreate! The default brushes used for this tutorial are perfection!

Procreate Galaxy Tutorial

Tips for Making Galaxy Art

  • Use colors in the same family for the most cohesive galaxy.
  • Use the stars sparingly, especially the flare stars.
  • You can edit the brushes to work how you want.
  • Use both light and dark shades.
  • Place stars in the lighter areas to make them look like they’re glowing in the night sky.
  • Make the nebula brush big for the best results.

Click here to download my galaxy color palette for Procreate!

purple galaxy art created in Procreate
purple galaxy art created in Procreate
Yield: 1

How to Create a Galaxy in Procreate

Active Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to create a galaxy painting using Procreate. This easy to follow tutorial will have you making night sky art in no time!


  • Procreate


  • iPad
  • Apple Pencil


    1. Fill the background with black. black background in procreate
    2. Create a new layer for the galaxy color.
    3. Select the nebula brush in the Luminance brush folder. nebula brush in Procreate
    4. This brush has color-changing qualities, which means that it changes colors as you draw. Use this if you don't want to switch colors.color changing nebula brush
    5. To create a brush without this effect, duplicate the brush and change the color dynamics settings. Set the stamp color jitter settings to none. changing settings for color dynamics
    6. Choose a color and draw around the edges with the nebula brush. Use a light touch to avoid a spotty look. Try varying the size to see what you like. using the nebula brush
    7. Add more colors as desired. Use dark colors on the edges and lighter colors in the center. adding more colors to galaxy painting in procreate
    8. If your art is too bright, create another layer and draw over it with black. (You have to use another layer because the black will just make the color brighter when it's on the same layer.)
    9. Add lighter colors as well, especially in the center. adding black to the artwork
    10. When you're satisfied with the background, it's time to add stars. Select the glimmer brush in the luminance brush folder. This brush is set to be closely spaced, so increase the spacing in the stroke path settings in the brush studio.adding stars to painting
    11. Add a few shining stars with the flare brush. They look the best in the lighter spots. adding flare stars
    12. You can also add a few single stars by drawing dots with the lightpen brush. adding pens with lightpen brush
    13. To add depth, I like adding some faint stars in the background using my watercolor splatter brush. The effect is subtle, but I love it.

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