Sunset Over Water Painting: Easy Watercolor Tutorial

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This sunset over water painting is perfect for people who want to learn how to paint with watercolors! Follow along with this step by step tutorial and learn basic watercolor techniques to create this easy painting.

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Sunset Over Water Painting

I’m using my Winsor and Newton Cotman travel set of watercolor paint for this painting because I want it to be accessible for new painters. Even if you don’t have this set, you might have a similar one with a limited amount of colors.

Supplies Needed:

Tips for Painting Sunsets

  • Most landscape paintings look best when they’re divided into 3 parts.
  • Sunsets can have 1/3 sky or 1/3 water. When a painting has more sky, it feels more open and airy. It’s also closer to how it would look if you were standing on the shore. If you have more water, it looks like you’re somewhere in the water.
  • The horizon line should start with a lighter color and work to a darker color. For instance, this sunset starts with yellow and works its way up to red. It could also start with a pale pink and work towards a dark pink or purple.
  • Work in layers to add depth to your painting.
  • If any line or detail is too strong, it can be blended out with a wet brush. I went over the waves several times to make them softer.
  • Tape your painting with masking tape for the best results.
  • Mistakes can be removed with a paper towel.

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sunset over water painted with watercolors

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How to Mix Gray

Mixing ultramarine blue and burnt umber will give you a gray. Use less water for a darker color.

How to Mix Purple

Mix the Alizarin Crimson (or cool red) with ultramarine blue to make a purple. (Learn more about mixing purple here.)

watercolor sunset over water painting with watercolor paint and brushes
Yield: 1

Watercolor Sunset Painting: Step by Step Tutorial

Active Time: 25 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5


  • Watercolor Paint
  • Watercolor Paper


  • Watercolor Brushes


  1. Tape the edges of your paper to avoid warping.
  2. Paint the horizon line with a warm yellow. paint yellow at the horizon line
  3. Add a water wash to the rest of the sky.add water to the rest of the sky
  4. Add a warm red to the top of the sky.add warm red to the top of sky
  5. Blend the 2 colors together to make a gradient.blended gradient of yellow and red
  6. Use a paper towel to lift paint at the horizon line for the sun. This allows the sun to have a little bit of color, but not get lost. Add water to this spot to rewet the paint if needed. lifting watercolor paint to make a sun
  7. Paint yellow in the sky. It should be narrow near the sun and get wider as it gets closer to you. adding yellow to water in sunset painting
  8. Add cool red to the top and blend it in. adding cool red to sky
  9. Use yellow ochre to outline the sun to define the shape. defining the sun with yellow ocher paint
  10. Add more yellow ochre paint around the sun. adding more paint to the sun outline
  11. Blend the yellow ochre into the yellow background. Use a wet brush if needed. blending out sun outline
  12. Add ultramarine blue to the rest of the water. If it blends a little with the water, it's okay. Try not to let it touch the sky though. Wait until it's dry if needed. adding blue to water
  13. Blend the edges of the water with a lightly wet brush. blended water
  14. Start adding in clouds using cool red. Clouds are kind of fluffy blobs. It's okay if they bleed a little into the sky because the shape will look more natural in the end. Add red clouds to sky.
  15. Add dark spots with a purple mixture on the clouds. Add them to the bottoms and in the middle. adding shadows to clouds
  16. Start adding waves to the water using ultramarine blue. Use less water to get a thicker mix. Try to make your lines wavy and have them start and stop at different points.adding waves to water
  17. Use a wet brush to soften any lines that seem too harsh. softening waves
  18. Add more waves. adding more waves to water
  19. Let everything dry.
  20. Add dark waves using a gray mixture (ultramarine blue and burnt umber.) letting watercolor painting dry
  21. Use a purple mixture to add more shadows to the clouds. adding more shadows to clouds
  22. Drop yellow into the tops of the clouds. Blend the paint. Use a paper towel to remove paint from areas that are too dark.blotting away paint with paper towel
  23. Add red waves to the water to show the reflection from the sky and clouds. adding red wave to the water
  24. Use the gray mixture to add land to each side of the painting. Use very little water to make the color dark.adding land to sunset painting
  25. Use a small brush to add texture to the land to resemble trees (instead of plain triangles.) adding trees to land
  26. Enjoy your painting! finished watercolor painting


Use a paper towel to remove mistakes.

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